JRRJ.R. Rogers is a literary historical thriller novelist of foreign intrigue and espionage. He has written seven novels in this genre. Far away settings and exotic locales that have caught his attention and have been pivotal to his stories include Cayenne, former French Guiana; Montevideo, Uruguay; Dinard, France; Famagusta, Northern Cyprus; Novorossiysk, Russia and Asmara, former Italian Eritrea, the setting for his recently completed latest novel. His new project is set in Lourenço Marques the former capital of neutral Portuguese East Africa.

He is also a prolific short story writer a number of which have been published in various literary publications and/or online sites, including Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review; The Legendary; The Copperfield Review; Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine; Driftwood Press Literary Journal; River & South Review, and others.

Besides writing fiction his interests include art and architecture, culture, indie film, photography and world travel.

An avid reader he holds a B.A. in French literature and studied short story writing at U.C. Irvine Extension.

He has lived in Europe and West Africa and now lives in southern California.

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J.R. Rogers tisse des romans palpitants d’intrigue et d’espionnage, sur une toile d’histoire et de lieux insolites. Auteur de sept romans, il a aussi publie une serie de recits pour diverses revues literaires, dont certaines en ligne. Outre sa vocation de romancier, J.R.Rogers se passionne a l’art et l’architecture, aussi bien que de film inde, photographie et voyage. Il a vecu en Europe et en Afrique et reside actuellement en Californie du sud.

Escritor de ficcion historica, espionaje e intriga.







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