Novels set in 1940 Lourenco Marques, Portuguese Mozambique, pre-war Asmara, Italian Eritrea, and WW2 Port Lyautey, Morocco.

“Interesting historical fiction read.” – 5 stars
“A sticky web of intriguing espionage.” – 5 stars

In June of 1940, ahead of the Germans marching into Paris, Rudolf and Aleece Bamberger, a young German-French Jewish couple flee to Africa to wait out the war where they become embroiled in intrigue and espionage. With spy-thriller plotting, To Live Another Day vividly re-creates their attempt to unsuccessfully distance themselves from the pervasive skullduggery of Axis intelligence operatives in the vast Portuguese neutral harbor of Lourenco Marques, a strategic but colonial backwater situated at the forefront of Indian Ocean shipping lanes.

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A PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY SELECTION Suspenseful combination romance and espionage thriller.”
“Really good Italian thriller.”

“A great read.” – 5 stars
“Gripping espionage thriller.” – 5 stars
“A complex panoply of characters and twisting plot.” – 5 stars

This suspenseful combination romance and espionage thriller centers on a married couple in despair in Fascist Italy under Benito Mussolini’s rule. The novel’s pacing is skillful and precise, leading ultimately to an unforeseen and terrifically satisfying ending.”
Publisher’s Weekly

ISBN: 9781370517084 (ebook) $4.99
ISBN: 9781790346622 (pbk) $21.99

“A must read for devotees of WW2 espionage thrillers!” Dan Pollock – 5 stars
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“A great story.” – 5 stars
“World War II espionage thriller.” – 5 stars
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“Compelling thriller.” – 5 stars

An OSS officer is dispatched on a secret mission to French Morocco to dismantle a Nazi network reporting on the U.S. Navy’s Africa Blimp Squadron. Rich with atmosphere and period detail, the intrigue is played out in the northwest coastal town of Port Lyautey on the Sebou River where, in the dusty streets and alleys, and in the byzantine Medina of this small colonial seaside town, the French influence is evident, but the compelling force is Arabic and overwhelming.

ISBN: 9781310953927 (eBook) $4.99
ISBN: 9781093932331 (pbk) $21.99