A mixed theme anthology The Way Things WereCollected Stories is a first collection by this historical thriller novelist. Some of the stories were first published in various literary journals and or published online.

“Moments in interesting lives that are given penetrating depth
by very good quality writing.” – 5 stars

The collection presents a very different but yet richly depicted set of protagonists each with their own stories, stories often buttressed by an intriguing supporting cast. The writer’s arc is wide, including stories with historically accurate origins, stories of today with some set in France, Belgium, Mexico and Switzerlandand, right through to a story of old age set in a heartbraking imagined near future. In an unusual structure several of the stories are left unfinished. The plots hints at conclusions without delivering them and the reader is left to imagine his or her own endings.

ISBN: 9781310649684 (ebook) $2.99
In paperback fall 2020