A mixed theme anthology The Way Things WereCollected Stories is a first collection of narratives by this historical thriller novelist of eight novels of intrigue and espionage. Set both in the United States, and in various parts of the world, the author conjures up a broad range of unusual characters and plots often set in unforgiving and unfriendly worlds. This is an intriguing selection that ranges from the 19th century to the present while evoking the range of human emotions and the unpredictability of life. The writer’s arc is wide, including stories with historically accurate origins, stories of today and right through to a story of old age in an imagined future. Many of the narratives first appeared in various literary journals and or online.

“These short stories are like snapshots in time, the way things were in passing, not stories that conclude, but rather flashes of action that are left to run on in our own imaginations. There are some really novel backdrops that give life to the stories; moments in interesting lives that are given penetrating depth by very good quality writing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Rogers picks up a lot of readers for his novels from the thought waves generated by this collection.” Amazon customer

ISBN: 9781310649684 (ebook) $2.99