A Novel of Spies

1940s Lourenço Marques, the colonial capital of Portuguese Mozambique in East Africa, is an intelligence listening-post and a hotbed of secret agents and spies during World War II.

The story begins in Paris, moves to Lisbon and evolves in Lourenço Marques. With Rudolf and Aleece Bamberger, a young German-French Jewish couple fleeing the Nazis who become embroiled in espionage. The haunt of adventurers and spies Lourenço Marques gains a reputation as the most alluring city in Africa.

Operatives of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), U.S. Naval Intelligence, the British MI-5 and MI-6, the German Abwehr, the Italian SIM, the Portuguese PVDE, and the South African DMI are all engaged in espionage and counter espionage free of constraints.

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