Intrigue and deception in pre-World War I New York City and on a coastal Georgia island in the 1940s.

“This is an original spy novel with much to enjoy.”
Readers’ Favorite – 4 stars

A French intelligence officer Gerard Le Caillec sets in motion a sabotage operation in 1916 New York City. The spymasters in Paris want to put an end to the highly profitable practice of allowing the Americans to manufacture munitions for the Germans that are in turn being used against them on the battlefields of Europe. Operating from the French consulate on Fifth Avenue, Le Caillec has his sights set on recruiting a bankrupt young French-American investment banker named Armand Barsoum to place the explosives on the New Jersey docks of Hoboken where the armament warehouses are located.

ISBN: 9781458122155 (ebook) $4.99
ISBN: 9798640949520 (pbk) $15.00

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“Poignant, brilliantly told historical fiction of
survival, growth, loss and struggle.
Highly recommended.” Enas Reviews (London)

a wild ride of the adventurous tales of Lt. Colonel Carl Von Glasow and his fellow officers of the Afrika Corps after their humiliating defeat in Tunisia during World War Two. Being shipped to a U.S Army prisoner of war camp comes as a pulse pounding surprise for the German war prisoners. Vivid details of their imprisonment at Camp Gwinnett on Sorrel Island on the coast of Georgia in contrast to the Tunisian Desert is immaculately detailed with endearing, believable characters that become actively involved in trying to escape to South America. With an unexpected harrowing ending set first in Miami Beach and ultimately at sea amongst the swells of the Atlantic Ocean.

ISBN: 9781532304378 (ebook) $4.99

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